Invisible Insurance as a Service

When technology and insurance solutions work together perfectly.

Smart refinement of products and services

At ZERO, platforms get a combination of customized insurance solutions and smart technology. With the help of APIs, we can easily integrate customized insurance products into business processes or user journeys.


Insurance enhances products through integrated insurance services as an upgrade – not as a product add-on. For customers, it eliminates the need for duplicate data entry for a separate insurance policy, simplifying the checkout process. At the same time, ZERO remains invisible to prospects and customers. 

Why ZERO is so valuable to companies?

Customer loyalty and retention

As a rule, end customers have to additionally choose the insurance service and then enter their data for a separate contract and payment process when buying a product or service, which is far too cumbersome and all too impersonal. With ZERO, the insurance service comes directly from the company. Customers can settle everything via the familiar platform and are not redirected in the event of a claim. Invisible Insurance as a Service increases your customers’ trust and reduces their readiness to switch.

Customer acquisition

Before prospective customers become customers, they compare different providers and offers to make the best possible purchase decision. With integrated insurance solutions, companies can offer relevant added value: Insurance, as convenient and personal as never before. In this way, platforms stand out from the competition and gain new customers who are more connected to the company from the start.

Increased sales

With our Invisible Insurance as a Service solution, we develop customized insurance components that enhance products and services as an upgrade. A product with insurance included has a higher sales value. Many potential customers are willing to pay more for convenient coverage. Especially if it comes directly from the company – without a cumbersome handling process with another provider. With the help of APIs, the user experience is not affected by the embedded security service. Fewer bounce-rates, more revenue.

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These product features speak for themselves

At ZERO, businesses get a better embedded insurance solution: Invisible Insurance combines business-specific insurance products with an API connection. In other words, we develop a customized insurance component as an upgrade to a product, adding relevant value for customers – including those who will become customers. Our API integration ensures a smooth purchase process without data queries, which does not jeopardize the conversion rate.  In addition, our Insurance as a Service is a white-label product. We stay in the background. Companies are seen as insurance providers to the outside world and as contacts in their own right. This strengthens the brand identity and retains customers in the long term. 

The pricing for the product, including insurance, can be set by the company according to what best suits the brand image and the targets. Depending on whether the focus is more on new customer acquisition, customer retention or margin optimization, the appropriate offer can be designed and advertised accordingly. 

  • Individual insurance services as a product upgrade
  • fully automated processing through API connection 
  • improved brand identity through white-label solutions 
  • more customer satisfaction and stronger loyalty 
  • additional revenue through sold insurance services 
  • no negative impact on user experience & conversion rate 

For which life worlds is Insurance as a Service available?

The ecosystem is as simple and smart as possible. Thanks to our technical interface, services such as cyber insurance or public liability are integrated into online platforms. Insurance as a Service is also interesting in the scope of company benefits or health, for example.  

B2B platforms can enhance their services through Insurance as a Service. For companies like HR platforms, for example, income protection as a premium upgrade is relevant in order to stand out from the competition and retain customers. With ZERO, HR platforms can offer their customers, and thus employers, income protection as a benefit for employees. 

Banks, online brokers, and leasing banks can protect themselves and their customers with a hedging upgrade. Thanks to savings plan protection, platforms are protected from account holders cancelling their savings plans in critical times by taking over their savings instalments. This service is compatible with any savings plan product. 

In the property and construction sector, there are various insurance services for companies such as construction financing providers or rental portals to enhance their products. For example, landlords and tenants can protect themselves against non-payment by means of integrated rent default protection. Fit-to-purpose services from ZERO provide customers with a relevant value-added service that increases trust in the company.  

Our solutions are a perfect fit for any ecosystem. Both employer benefits and sports sectors benefit from our innovative Invisible Insurance services for product enhancement. Thanks to ZERO, outdoor apps have the opportunity to offer their users an exclusive premium membership that also includes comprehensive coverage for outdoor activities. This significantly strengthens customer loyalty to the platform.

Get started simply with ZERO

We ensure the integration of Invisible Insurance is as straightforward as it gets: 
Firstly, we take care of the product integration together, then we deal with the technical integration.  

The first step in product integration is to find out how you want to integrate the insurance into your offer. In this conception phase, we are happy to support you in identifying the appropriate model. Depending on which services or products you want to enhance with an insurance benefit, for example a premium membership, a one-time insurance or a premium price model may make sense as an offer to your customers. In the latter case, the product is offered without insurance coverage as well as with coverage – as a premium variant. Once the concept and thus the framework for the insurance has been created, the next step is to create a purpose-fit insurance solution. This involves clarifying which insurance has added value for customers and which data is available to calculate the price. 

The technical integration is followed by the implementation of the created product concept. If necessary, you can adjust your website and integrate ZERO’s technical interface. By using the API connection, you can add or remove members, manage contracts and much more. Even if you want to change something manually, you can do so via our web interface, which gives you unrestricted access to the insurance. 

Frequently asked questions
about Insurance as a Service

Basically, the suffix “as a service” indicates that it is a form of cloud computing. Insurance as a Service refers to a sales model of an InsurTech company with which insurance solutions are offered in the digital space, e.g., on platforms or websites. The term Insurance as a Service is often abbreviated with its acronym “IaaS”.  

The price of an IaaS cannot be defined across the board, as it depends on the insurance solution and the pricing model. In both cases, we respond to the needs of the companies. What we can say, however, is that we offer the infrastructure for the platforms completely free of charge. In addition, due to our innovative actuarial models, we are able to provide individual insurance at a more favorable pricing than traditional insurers. This results in an offer for the end customer that is even more attractive. 

Insurance as a Service is available from ZERO with a wide range of insurances for the B2B, residential, financial and health sectors. Depending on the industry, we can enhance products or services with the following insurance services, for example: Income Protection, New Construction Insurance, Rent Default Protection, Cyber Insurance, Home Insurance, Legal Protection or Public Liability. But that is not where it ends: the sky is the limit for our imagination. 

ZERO offers Insurance as a Service solution for businesses. This is a technical interface between a company’s insurance options and its product. Unlike a traditional insurance service, the insurance is integrated into the product offering. This turns a basic product into an attractive premium product that has been enhanced with insurance. The end customer of a company does not have to provide any further data during the checkout process and no second contract is concluded for the insurance.  

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