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Companies that are active in the world of housing and construction need integrated insurance services to gain the trust of their customers in the long term. We develop solutions for rental portals, construction financing providers and other Proptechs. 

Here’s how it works

Hidden defects insurance, new build insurance, rent default protection or integrated home protection cover – with ZERO you get the right cover upgrade for your housing and construction product. With our advanced API connection, the insurance benefit can be integrated into the user journey for a seamless checkout process.  


Loss of rental income protection for premium members 

Rental portal operators offer landlords a platform to manage their property(ies). From the listing, selection of tenants, to the payment of rent – the portal takes care of everything that is important to landlords. With the help of a Invisible Insurance solution from ZERO, rental portal operators can also issue premium memberships with integrated rent default protection. In this way, both the landlord and the tenant are protected in times of crisis. 

Advantages for the platform 

The premium membership including rental loss protection makes the rental platforms’ services more attractive. As a result, rental portal operators gain new customers who have a low propensity to switch. After all, other providers usually only offer the basic service, and the loss-of-rent protection is complicated to manage as a stand-alone product. 

Advantages for portal clients & users 

In the event of prolonged unemployment or incapacity to work, the loss of rent protection takes over the monthly gross rental payments. This way, landlords can secure their monthly income, while tenants are protected from losing the roof over their heads exactly when they most need it. This insurance upgrade is particularly interesting for rentals of furnished flats or short-term rentals.   

Construction financing with home protection cover 

We give construction financing providers the option of granting loans including a home protection insurance policy. This is integrated into the financing contract using our advanced API connection and protects borrowers against the financial consequences of property damage. 

Advantages for financing providers 

With a home protection policy, the value of the mortgaged property is secured for the lender. In addition, financing providers can offer a relevant value-added service and differentiate themselves from the competition by making home protection part of the financing offer.  

Advantages for customers 

Construction financing providers’ customers no longer have to worry about homeowners’ insurance, which is usually expensive. No need for laborious comparisons of offers thanks to an integrated home protection policy. Instead, borrowers have the same contact person when it comes to their construction financing or claims.  

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Providers of construction financing benefit from several advantages of ZERO’s Insurance-as-a-Service solutions. In contrast to classic embedded insurance, tailored insurance services are developed that merge with the loan offer. With an integrated home protection policy, for example, providers can stand out from the competition and attract new customers. This is because borrowers can save themselves the trouble of searching for the right home protection cover. With the help of APIs, the insurance can be easily embedded in business processes and the user journey is not impaired. As a home loan provider, you remain their main point of contact while ZERO stays in the background. Our insurance services are white-label products offered under your company’s name. This strengthens brand presence and authority. 

A suitable insurance cover for the property sector could be, for example, new build insurance. This often includes other sub-insurances such as fire and building performance insurance as well as builder’s liability. Furthermore, when buying a house, it is important to insure against previously undiscovered defects. Hidden defects insurance is available to cover such hidden defects. 

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