Embedded insurance reimagined

We are breaking away from embedded insurance and developing customized insurance benefits that merge with any products or services: Invisible Insurance – the most convenient way to enhance offers with an integrated insurance service. Without an extra contract, without a check-out data query that jeopardizes conversion. This is how customer loyalty works. 

What makes Invisible Insurance

so smart?

The absence of digital insurance products, an unwieldy number of application questions, abandoned checkouts and lack of clarity about the customer relationship – we have seen that embedded insurance needs to evolve. 

At ZERO, platforms get purpose-fit insurance solutions as an integrated product upgrade for end customers – not just an add-on. A white-label service to reinforce brand identity. This is because customers do not have to conclude a separate contract as the insurance services that are offered and implemented are done so under your company name. Thanks to our API connection, existing data from the platform can be captured and the insurance cover embedded. In real time! 

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For every environment the right protection

B2B platforms require insurance products to complement their services that are truly exciting for customers. For example, by offering integrated income protection, companies like HR platforms can add value to their proposal and clearly stand out from the crowd. Employers get income protection as a benefit for employees. A win-win-win service, where ZERO remains in the background as always and the B2B company emerges as a competent protection partner. 

Banks, leasing banks, and online brokers can protect themselves and their end customers by upgrading their coverage. Savings plan insurance, for example, safeguards platforms from customers suspending or completely canceling their savings plans in times of crisis. This service is applicable to any savings plan product and secures customers’ retirement savings – and their trust in the company.

For companies such as rental portals or construction financing providers, there are suitable insurance services to enhance their offers. With an integrated rental default protection or home insurance policy, platforms can offer an attractive value-added service and gain new customers, who have a limited propensity to switch, right from the start. This is because protection against rental defaults as well as against financial consequences due to property damage cannot be found as a convenient and suitable standalone product.

Additional insurance services We always find the right solution for every ecosystem. Product enhancement with Invisible Insurance services is also interesting for the employer benefits and sports sectors. With ZERO, for example, outdoor apps can offer their users a premium membership including outdoor sports insurance, thus retaining them on the platform.

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Protection as an upgrade:A new embedded insurance era begins

Thanks to ZERO, insurance benefits merge with your product. We are finally making the integration of insurance services worthwhile again for both companies and their customers. That’s why we develop customized insurance solutions as an additional service for digital products and services – fully adapted to the customer journey. 

As a hidden partner in the background, we build tailored insurance solutions that enhance your products. And with it, your brand presence. Because customers get the most convenient and supreme means of security from you on top. Without annoying data queries for a separate insurance contract. This improves the user experience enormously and thus your conversions. After the purchase, you remain the contact person for all matters. In this way, you gain the trust of your customers and guarantee yourself a decisive competitive edge.

ZERO builds customized insurance options for digital platforms that merge with their own products or services. This makes products more valuable and attractive to potential customers. This means companies can increase the price level of their offer and at the same time increase customer loyalty. Because with ZERO, platforms offer insurance services under their own brand name as a product upgrade without the need for a redirection. This sets them apart from the competition.

Thanks to APIs, Invisible Insurance services are easily integrated into company processes. When a product is purchased, existing customer data is then automatically processed for the integrated insurance service, which makes the checkout process even more convenient, and the conversion rate is not negatively affected.

  • tailored insurance services as a product upgrade
  • fully automated processing through API connection
  • improved brand identity thanks to white-label solutions
  • higher customer satisfaction and stronger loyalty
  • additional revenue through sold insurance services
  • no negative impact on user experience and/or conversion rate

Our founding team has already gained a wealth of experience in the InsurTech and FinTech industries which helped them recognize the challenges of integrating insurance solutions. Out of an urgent need to make embedded insurance simpler and more efficient, ZERO was born, as too was Invisible Insurance – tailored insurance options that merge with products and services. To accomplish this, we deliver digital interfaces that can be easily integrated into any system. In a nutshell: With ZERO as a provider of white label insurance solutions, your company can already benefit from the new standard of integrated insurance services.

ZERO delivers 100%

  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Experience
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovation

We are convinced that it’s time to usher in a new era for embedded insurance services. And we are bold as well as experienced enough to do it ourselves. With Invisible Insurance, we want to make protection services as convenient as possible for people.

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Play it safe with ZERO

Invisible Insurance refers to the integration of insurance benefits into existing products, services or platforms that are not primarily known as insurance products. It is about embedding insurance coverage seamlessly into other business models or customer experiences. Invisible insurance offers insurance services as an integral part of a product or service in order to provide customers with comprehensive added value. The insurance is firmly linked to the product or service and offers customers additional protection.

Invisible Insurance makes sense for digital ecosystems and platforms that want to offer their customers added value and thus, in the long term, win their loyalty. Without complicated system integration or restructuring of business processes. An insurance solution from ZERO enhances products and services with an insurance benefit that is automatically integrated – without a separate insurance contract for the end customer. This gives B2B platforms a competitive edge. Because in most cases, insurance is offered as an add-on product, which complicates the checkout process by requiring the input of additional data.

Embedded insurance is usually an add-on to a main product or service and is offered separately at the time of purchase. It usually involves the completion of a second contract. A ZERO insurance benefit, on the other hand, merges with the product, which is thereby enhanced. Customers who opt for the premium product do not have to do anything else, as the data they already have is exchanged with us in real time in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO) thanks to the API connection. We provide a invisible connection with the platform to deliver the most convenient type of insurance to the end customer.

For example, A well-known embedded insurance product would be travel cancellation insurance. This is included as an add-on at the time of booking a trip, if required. This usually creates a separate insurance contract. In the event of a claim, the travel agent then refers the claim to the insurer. The policyholder has to fill out a claim form in order to claim the benefit. With Invisible Insurance, on the other hand, the insurance benefit is automatically part of the product and the company itself always remains the prime contact.

Through our advanced API infrastructure, ZERO services are compatible with any system. Invisible Insurance solutions are tailored to your business processes and platform. We are always there by your side during the integration process. We are ready to develop the optimal insurance service for you and embed it into your system. Are you? Then we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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