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To be able to stand out from the competition, banks, online brokers, and other financial service providers need to enhance their standard products. Through our Invisible Insurance solutions, our bespoke insurance services merge with the financial product.  

Here’s how it works

Whether it’s a leasing writ of protection, income protection or savings plan protection – together we find the perfect insurance solution. Thanks to a modern API connection, we can easily integrate this into corporate processes without jeopardizing the conversion rate. The user journey remains seamless, as there is no need for additional customer information. The existing data from the platform is automatically processed in real time. 


Premium account with income protection 

With ZERO, banks can offer their customers a premium account that provides financial security in critical times. The monthly net income of the account holder is protected. 

Advantages for providers 

Digital bancassurance in the form of income protection extends and strengthens customer loyalty because the insurance product is integrated into the bank account and not available separately on the market. In addition, banks respond to the needs of their customers with an option for protection and are also able to convince them of their product on an emotional level.  

Advantages for customers 

With a premium account including income protection, customers no longer have to worry in the event of prolonged unemployment or incapacity to work. By protecting their monthly net income, they can continue to cover their living expenses. 

Integrated leasing writ of protection 

With a Invisible Insurance solution from ZERO, a leasing writ of protection becomes part of the leasing contract. In the event of unemployment or incapacity to work, the leasing payments are therefore covered. 

Advantages for providers 

As the risks for customers are reduced by digital bancassurance at the time of conclusion, the decision to conclude a leasing contract is easier. This allows providers to enhance their leasing offer and thus gain a competitive advantage. 

Advantages for customers 

In the event of an emergency, leasing instalment users can be reassured that they will not have to terminate the contract – which is usually associated with considerable costs. In addition, they can continue to use the leased item while the payments are taken over thanks to Leasing Protection. 

Investing with Savings Plan Protection 

With ZERO, online brokers can enhance their investment products by offering integrated savings plan protection. In this way, customers’ savings plan instalments are covered in critical times. 

Advantages for providers 

Savings plan protection guarantees regular payments in the event of financial difficulties. This means that investment products are cancelled less frequently. In addition, online brokers can charge more for integrated protection, which potential customers are usually happy to accept when it comes to their financial future. 

Advantages for clients 

In the event of prolonged incapacity to work or unemployment, savers be certain that their retirement pension or asset accumulation goals will continue to be secured. Especially in the case of financial difficulties, old-age provision is often cancelled or suspended. With savings plan protection, financial difficulties in the here and now have no impact on the future.  

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Play it safe with ZERO

Our Invisible Insurance makes digital bancassurance possible. This means the integration of insurance products and services into the digital banking and investment business. Through suitable insurance upgrades, products such as salary accounts, fund savings plans, or real estate mortgages receive an important value-added service for end customers. In this way, banks or online brokers can use digital bancassurance to set themselves apart from the competition and inspire potential customers in the long term. For example, through savings plan protection, which ensures that the savings plan instalment for retirement provision is covered, even if there are financial difficulties in the event of a prolonged incapacity to work. 

ZERO develops suitable insurance services for online banks, leasing banks or brokers as an upgrade to financial products. Digital bancassurance essentially makes sense for anyone who wants to gain a competitive advantage as well as attract new customers and retain them in the long term. All this is possible with digital bancassurance, as standard products become premium offers that are attractive and offer noticeable added value.  

Embedding Invisible Insurance into a system requires close integration between the insurance service provider and the company or platform providing the system. In most cases, we provide a back-office tool that is technologically adapted to the system in question without a front end. In certain cases, upon agreement, we can also offer a type of customer portal that is equipped with a front end and thus allows for customization. Let’s find the best solution together! 

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