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Our insurance solutions are designed to be easily integrated into any ecosystem. For the areas of housing, finance, B2B services and health, we develop purpose-fit insurance products which enhance your offer. But our Invisible Insurance solutions are also interesting for employer benefits or sports. No matter in which ecosystem your company operates – we transform your product into a premium version with integrated and tailored insurance services. For more brand awareness, customer loyalty and separation from the competition. 

Here’s how it works

From integrated outdoor sports insurance to a health guarantee for pet purchases, ZERO turns your product into a premium version. Thanks to our advanced API connection, the insurance solution is easily integrated into the user journey for a fluid checkout process without additional data entry from the customer.


Integrated outdoor sports insurance  

For outdoor apps, ZERO offers an outdoor cover that is integrated into the premium membership. This covers situational medical care or emergency assistance for active sportsmen and women – even when abroad. 

Advantages for the platform 

ZERO’s Invisible Insurance solution enables outdoor app operators to extend their value chain and generate new revenues.  

Advantages for users 

Active sportsmen and sportswomen can protect themselves against risks with the premium membership package which includes outdoor protection – and this is geared to the activity in question. In case of accidents or unexpected illnesses, they do not have to worry about the costs. The integrated insurance is automatically included in the Premium Membership, so there is no need for a separate insurance policy or an annual contract, because the outdoor protection takes effect according to the situation. 

Health guarantee for pet purchases 

With ZERO, pet supply companies can offer their customers a premium package when buying a pet, which includes a health guarantee and pet health insurance for the first year. Through APIs, the insurance service is easily integrated into the business system.  

Advantages for the platform 

With the premium package including health guarantee and health insurance, pet platforms can set themselves apart from the competition and offer buyers a significant added value. 

Advantages for users 

Customers of a premium package can be sure that the purchase of a pet will not put them in a difficult financial situation. They get the guarantee that the animal is in good health at the time of purchase. And in the event that the animal subsequently falls ill or is injured, the integrated animal health insurance will cover it for one year. This makes the decision to buy much easier. 

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Play it safe with ZERO

Invisible Insurance is utilized in various ecosystems and business areas to integrate comprehensive insurance coverage into existing products, services or platforms and to enhance them. In doing so, the ZERO Insurance Solutions solution can be applied individually to any platform in any ecosystem – be it financial services, retail, healthcare or B2B platform. 

A ZERO Insurance solution consists of the insurance product and the technical implementation. The insurance product is perfectly aligned with the business and their offers. The technical part of the design uses APIs to embed the insurance into your processes. 

This way, ZERO automatically accesses the existing data of the customers that is needed for the insurance product. There is no need for the end customer to separately enter their information, which simplifies the buying process. Let’s collaborate to get your target group excited about integrated insurance in the most convenient way possible! 

Invisible Insurance is our next step in the evolution of embedded insurance. For products on e-commerce sites, integrated insurance offers great up-selling potential. This is because ZERO Insurance solutions enhance products so that they can be sold at a higher price. End customers therefore have the option to buy the standard or premium version of the product. The insurance is integrated as an upgrade – without any extra steps, additional data requests at checkout and without a separate insurance contract. This is how we think of embedded insurance. 

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