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The Classic form of embedded insurance is not enough for B2B companies, webshop providers, HR management software providers and service providers for freelancers or associations. They need complex insurance products that still appear simple to the end user. With purpose-fit and integrated insurance services from ZERO, services become attractive premium products that retain customers in the long term. 

Here’s how it works

Income protection, cyber insurance, or embedded life insurance – we develop the ideal insurance solution to fit your service. Thanks to our API connection, existing platform data can be captured, and the insurance product embedded in an uncomplicated way. This removes the need for end customers to enter additional data for a separate insurance contract, simplifying the checkout process. The insurance merges with the service product, making it a premium version.  


Income protection as an attractive employer benefit

With the help of ZERO, HR management service providers can offer their clients a premium version of their service, including income protection. In this case, clients are employers who pass on income protection as a valuable employer benefit to their employees. In this way, employees are protected against financial hardship if the continued payment of wages ends due to a longer period of incapacity to work. 

Advantages for the platform

With income protection as a service upgrade, HR management software providers can enhance their offering and stand out from the competition. Employers who opt for the HR platform including income insurance as an employer benefit are more committed to the B2B service provider due to the insurance benefit and have a lower propensity to switch.  

Advantages for customers & users 

In addition to smart HR management software that facilitates work processes, employers require one thing above all: relevant benefits for employees so that they remain loyal to the company. With integrated income protection, there is a win-win: the employer’s image is improved by ensuring that employees can continue to support themselves in critical times – with an insurance benefit that is not available privately.

Cybersecurity in premium subscription 

Providers of membership management tools for associations can add cybersecurity to their offer with the help of ZERO. With a premium subscription, customers protect themselves against data breaches, financial losses from cyberattacks and gross negligence by users – consulting and crisis management are included. 

Advantages for the platform

Through integrated cyber security, association platforms can extend the value chain and generate new revenue streams. The exclusive premium offer also ensures more new customers and stronger loyalty towards the platform provider. 

Advantages for Associations 

As associations are usually not as financially sound, it is all the more important for them to protect their existence against serious cyber incidents. With a premium subscription, comprehensive cyber insurance comes on top of the membership management service – uncomplicated and without the need for redirects. Coverage of this kind is usually difficult to obtain through other means and is often time-consuming to process. ZERO makes it possible for associations to have the same contact person for cyber incidents and membership management, and at the same time stays in the background. 

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Play it safe with ZERO

Embedded insurance providers can cover simple insurance services that are offered as an add-on product. Usually, this requires a separate insurance contract between the insurance provider and the customer. The checkout process therefore usually requires extra customer information, which has a negative impact on the user experience. If an insurance claim occurs, the customer is redirected from the B2B service company to the insurance provider.  

In contrast to Embedded Insurance, ZERO can utilize Invisible Insurance to develop tailored insurance solutions for complex situations. B2B services become one with insurance products and are offered as a premium package. This enables HR platforms or web shop providers to stand out from the competition, gain new customers and retain customers in the long term. Because with ZERO, B2B service companies can offer insurances, that currently do not exist in such a comprehensive form as a single product or can only be handled in a complicated way.  

ZERO’s reimagined embedded insurance services take B2B companies to a whole new level. We develop integrated insurance products for: Web shop providers, e-commerce service providers, service providers for freelancers or associations and service providers of any other kind. Invisible Insurance makes sense especially when B2B companies want to reinforce customer loyalty. This is because integrated insurance services ensure, among other things, that customers are less likely to switch. 

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