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  • Embedded insurance: What’s behind it?

    Embedded insurance: What’s behind it?

    Embedded insurance integrates insurance directly into products and services, simplifies the acquisition process and changes the traditional insurance landscape. The innovation is the seamless merging of product and insurance, which offers both customers and companies considerable advantages. Digital transformation is increasingly influencing and changing the way companies deliver their products and services.  One area that…

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  • I have no time!

    I have no time!

    Now I’m going to ask a question because it’s always been asked without even thinking about it: Why do application processes take so incredibly long online? I took the time and the stopwatch to look at the industries of industries. My conclusion: everything could be done faster. I feel like the white rabbit from “Alice…

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  • How fast is your camel?

    How fast is your camel?

    Everything used to be different… … because customers were still actively looking for protection then! To put it bluntly, why not now? Especially since the industry is celebrating growth in almost all areas. Admittedly, liability insurance is in the upper range in terms of its market penetration. Only the overall market penetration is far from…

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  • The iPhone turns 16 today!

    The iPhone turns 16 today!

    Some of you may still remember the pictures of tech fans grabbing the first iPhone. Steve Jobs presented it exactly 16 years ago today. A few months later, the happy new owners were frenetically celebrated by the crowd in front of the stores.  And what happens here when a customer leaves an insurance agency with…

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